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EVO 2023


Experience the incredible story of Raiden Pham, a courageous three-year-old facing UBA5 disorder, whose unbreakable spirit drives the Raiden Science Foundation (RSF). This foundation, in collaboration with esteemed partners like UMass Chan Medical School and St. Jude, is revolutionizing treatments for rare diseases, including UBA5 disorder. The Fight4Rare campaign, supported by the gaming community and Roland, offers exclusive collectibles at EVO 2023, with proceeds benefiting RSF's mission. Join this alliance for change, uniting gaming and hope to create a brighter future for children battling rare diseases. Explore more at

 In a recent gathering, we were privileged to witness the remarkable and unwavering spirit of Raiden Pham, a brave three-year-old engaged in a courageous battle against UBA5 disorder. Raiden's unbreakable determination has taken center stage, becoming the driving force behind the Raiden Science Foundation (RSF). This foundation is addressing a pressing global crisis that affects a staggering 200 million children grappling with rare diseases, tragically resulting in a heartbreaking 60 million never even reaching their fifth year.

RSF has embarked on a visionary journey, forging partnerships with esteemed institutions such as UMass Chan Medical School, St. Jude, and Oregon Health & Science University. This collective effort is propelling revolutionary treatments for UBA5 disorder while extending its reach to embrace children afflicted by an array of rare diseases.

At the heart of this transformative movement lies the Fight4Rare campaign, drawing support from the vibrant gaming and creator communities. An inspiring beacon of hope, the campaign has garnered the involvement of Roland, who is offering exclusive God of Thunder-inspired collectibles at EVO 2023. These unique treasures can be obtained through donations or thrilling challenges, with every contribution directly fueling RSF's noble mission.

The formation of a potent alliance between David Chen, representing Salt Media and NACL, along with RSF and Roland, marks a significant stride forward. NACL, a nonprofit esports and entertainment organization, showcases the profound potential of gaming to enact positive change and influence lives.

We extend a heartfelt invitation to you to become part of this monumental movement for change. Delve into the official webpage of the Raiden Science Foundation at Together, we amplify resilience and lay the groundwork for a brighter tomorrow—a future where children like Raiden can triumph over the adversities posed by rare diseases.


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